Understanding Halaal

Eat & Drink Only Halaal

“Allah has forbidden for you carrion, blood, the meat of swine and those animals that were sacrificed with the name of another besides Allah”

Sura Baqarah – Verse 173

Halaal & Haram

Allah Taala has commanded us to eat that which is pure, Halaal and wholesome. If a person eats food what is not Halaal, he will be very sinful. If he regards food & drink that is impermissible as permissible he will come out of the pale. The reason for certain for certain foods & drinks being classified as haram is best known to Allah Taala. We as Muslims are not allowed to question the reason behind certain foods and drinks being Halaal & others being haram. Our duty is to obey the command of Allah and Prophet Mohammed (Sallallhu Alayihi Wa Salaam). Allah is all knowing therefore, He knows what is best suited for our needs.

How to Make Food Halaal

Animals such as cows, bull, sheep, goats etc will be made Halaal bu Muslim (male or female taking the name of Allah and slaughtering them. If a person leaves out taking the name of Allah, the meat will not be Halaal. It will be carrion and haram to eat.Fish does not need to be slaughtered. However fish that is washed off  the shore is not permissible to eat if it is dead.

Halaal is not restricted to meat. One has to learn the various codes/(e-numbers that represent / stand for impermissible ingredients and preservation in food.


The minimum is to check for a Halaal certifying body’s stamp on the item one wishes to purchase. Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust, National independent Halaal Trust, South African National Halaal Authority, etc  This also applies to restaurant one purchases his food from..

The best is to purchase your meat products from a reliable farm owner or individual who’s known for dealing in slaughtering animals.


Vegetable are without doubt permissible.


As for drinks, Islam does not allow the consuming of alcohol or any intoxicating drinks. If in the event one consumed a fermated drink not knowing of it having fermented or intoxicating he will be excused Insha’Alla. However if he goes about experiencing on such drinks, he can be sinful.

One should stay away from any intoxicating drinks, baking, & food that is prepared with intoxicating drinks.

Islam does not allow the drinking of any African traditional drink brewed of barley and different ingredients. The same goes for any home brewed intoxicating drink made of pineapple and bread.

If we consume Halaal we will definitely obey Allah and if we consume haram we will definitely disobey Allah.

In the Quran Allah says, “O messengers eat from the pure food and do good actions.

Mufassireen, commentators of the Qur’an, comment on this aayah “eating pure food” has been commentators of the Qur’an comment on this aayah;“eating pure food” has been mentioned before “doing good actions. This is because “pure food” has a positive effect on a person’s actions. Without Halaal food good actions cannot be materialised.

In a hadith of the Prophet Mohammed (Sallallhu Alayihi Wa Salaam)we learn that any flesh that is nourished of haram food is more deserving of fire

Halaal and haram has been categorically stated the two lies are the doubtful areas, one should one should stay far away from these. The principle is when in doubt leave it out. But one must verify first and not just doubt based on his or her whims and fancies.

Halaal is Arabic word which means lawful & permissible. The antonym of Halaal is haram which means unlawful & inpermissible.


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