About Halaal Pages

“O mankind, eat from whatever is on earth (that is) lawful and good and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy.

 (Quran 2; 168)

www.halaalpages.co.za“Your Only Halaal Online Directory” is the only website in South Africa that is dedicated to showcasing South African Food & Beverage manufacturers of Halaal certified Food & Beverage products. The website will be showcasing over a hundredcategories such as: Biscuits – Sauces – Spices  & Condiments – Canned Products – Breakfast Cereals – Beverages & many more & that are certified Halaal by South African Halaal certifiers.

The International Trade Centre (ITC) Geneva – Switzerland, listed Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust (MJCHT) as the first & oldest Halal Regulatory Body in the world. In Their 2015 “Halal Goes Global” under the heading “The Evolution of Halal Regulations”, the ITC states on page 32.

South Africa has the following Halaal certifying organisations:

  • Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust – MJCHT -www.mjchalaaltrust.co.za
  • National Independent Halaal Trust – NIHT – halaal.org.za
  • South African National Halaal Authority – SANHA -www.sanha.org.za
  • Islamic Council of South Africa – ICSA – www.halaalfoundation.org.za
  • Halaal Foundation of South Africa – halaalfoundation.co.za


Over 60% of Food & Beverage products on display at outlets in South Africa are Halaal certified

South Africa is the fifth largest producer of Halaal certified products globally.

South African Halaal certification is also recognised internationally.

South African Halaal certifiers also certifies Food& Beverage manufacturers globally.


How to search for Food & Beverage Halaal certified products on www.halaalpages.co.za

The visitor clicks on the Food & Beverage on the Menu Bar which will take them to the Food & Beverage Page which will display the Bar displaying the various listing of the Food & Beverage categories.

The visitor clicks on the category they are searching for eg. “Biscuits”. The “Biscuit”Page will display the Logo and the name on the side. The visitor clicks on the name that is displayed on the side, it will display the following information:


Name of Manufacturer: ABC Biscuits Manufacturers

Website: www.abcbiscuits.co.za

HalaalCertifier: The name of South African Halaal Certifier

The Bar also has “Keyword” on it. The visitor enters any name of a brand on the “Keyword” .


International Buyers Requiring to import South African Halaal certified Food & Beverage Products

www.halaalpages.co.za n al has “International Enquiries”. Whereby international buyers requiring importing South African Halaal certified manufactured Food & Beverage products can forward their request via “Int’l Enquiry”